Volume 1 – 2000 pallet per year
Type of species European Softwood / Hardwood
Species Pine, Oak, Beech and others
Humidity air dried 12 months
Diameter 4 cm
Length 17/19 cm
Width 2/4 cm
Thickness 2/4 cm
Description Sliver of firing pine melera fire. 6/7 / kg and 10/12 kg bag

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What is the use of firewood? You can call any material firewood that has been made using wood and collected and utilized for fuel. Under normal circumstances, you cannot associate extensive processing with firewood. When you compare firewood to chips or pellets, it is basically some kind of discernible branch or log format. You can dry this type of wood. Do you want to buy European white birch firewood of exceptional quality? You can contact Hargitata Woods.

European White Birch Firewood

As a renewable source, firewood is a product with a high demand. So, you can expect the demand going overboard due to the limited capacity of regeneration at a local level. To increase the supply, responsible forestry practices and enhancements in devices that utilize firewood must be followed and implemented. Hargi Tata Woods can take care of your European white birch firewood needs efficiently and responsibly.

You can find differences on a regional and cultural basis as far as the harvest and gathering of firewood. Certain places have particular areas to gather firewood. If you look at some other places, you can find the integration of firewood gathering with the cyclic preparation of land for the purpose of growing food.The task of collection can become the responsibility of an individual, family, or a group.

If you are on the lookout for the best European white birch firewood, please feel free to contact us.


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