Pine Logs – European Softwood

Steady and Reliable Suppliers of Pine Logs

Grade: A, AB, BC, ABC grade

Quantity: 500 cbm-3000 cbm/monthly

Diameters 40cm, up 70% 40cm up

Length: 4.0 – 11.5m

Origin: Germany , Poland / Romania
Certification: PEFC/FF

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Pine Logs – European Softwood

Hargi Tata Woods is a highly renowned and trusted pine logs supplier with an excellent track record. All our products are grown and nurtured in Northern Europe and retain exceptional quality. If you are looking for reliable pine logs including fresh sawn edged board pine for sale, you can depend on us.

Available in a broad range of grades, diameters, and lengths, our Pine logs meet the varying needs of different people. We supply products to a diverse range of industries. Our clients include packaging companies, construction companies, interior design services, and many more.

You can approach us to buy European Pine as well as normal pine depending on your needs. The scientific name of the European pine also called Scots Pine is Pinus sylvestris. This type of pine tree can be seen in abundance in central and northern Europe. The harvesting process is not a new sensation. It is a century-old practice to get the polyvalent softwood.

We follow ethical practices to source Pine logs from Europe. Our focus is to source native Pine trees with slow growth that acquire improved densities compared to Pine logs harvested in regions with hotter climates. We supply products with an age more than 100 years. As this wood gets older, the structural quality gets better. The density of our fresh sawn edged board pine for sale is almost double as that of pine being grown in warmer climates.

Fresh Sawn Edged Board Pine for Sale

Our fresh sawn edged board pine for sale come with optimal natural elasticity of softwoods. The superior density and elasticity make a perfect combination. You can use them in a myriad of applications. You can expect better longevity with our products. Our Nordic Pine log takes care of your needs by providing the best value for money.


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