Pine Lumber

Thickness: 26/32/36/45/50+ mm
Width: 100/150/200+ mm
Length: 2200/2500/2800/3000+ mm
Origin: Romania, Poland, Germany
Certification: PEFC/FF
Treatment: KDHT
Grade A, AB, ABC, BC



Fresh sawn edged board pine

Selling lumber of various types and sizes is the main area of ​​our business. It is with us right now that you can quickly and simply buy an edged board at the lowest prices in Ukraine. We sell only the highest quality lumber. The cost of this product is much lower than that of other Ukrainian manufacturers.

Freshly cut edged board is distinguished by a high degree, quality of processing. In most cases, it is used during construction, repair, restoration work. We get the edged board as a result of sawing pine logs on wide-band and circular sawmills of European production. As a result, the board comes out with a flat surface, no edge, no wave, regular shape. It is worth noting that the woodworking mechanisms of domestic production cannot guarantee the same ideal result.

The product is manufactured with a thickness of 15 to 150 mm and a width of 30 to 200 mm, a length of 6 m. Are you planning to build? Conceived to craft using pine lumber? In this case, you first need to choose the optimal dimensions to ensure that edged lumber fits the dimensions of a future building or product. The guarantee of strength and reliability is also important.

Freshly cut pine wood boards vary in size, and lumber is also segmented by the type of wood itself. The cleanliness of the surface, and the quantity, quality of the processing processes that the tree species underwent are taken into account.


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