Walnut Logs

Steady and Reliable Suppliers of Walnut Logs

Grade: A, AB, BC, ABC grade

Quantity: 500 cbm-3000 cbm/monthly

Diameters 40cm, up 70% 40cm up

Length: 4.0 – 11.5m

Origin: Germany , Poland / Romania
Certification: PEFC/FF

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Walnut Logs


At Hunski Hardwoods we salvage walnut logs from trees that must come down for any of a number of reasons. They may old, diseased, wind struck, or hazardous in some way. We take them down safely, and make sure the wood is available to be used for something useful. walnut logs

We have a variety of Claro walnut, Bastogne walnut, Black walnut and English walnut logs and lumber for sale. Claro walnut grows in Oregon and Northern California, where the mild winters and large amounts of rain, combined with mineral-rich soil and occasional sunshine, all combine to create an ideal growing environment for walnut trees. This climate can produce walnut trees that grow fast, some as large as six feet in diameter.

Woodworkers value Claro walnut wood not only for its beauty, but also for its stability and machinability. Walnut has a wide range of uses, including fine furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments, wood turning, gunstocks, and many others.

You can see our selection of logs here, as well as our many other hardwood products. You are always welcome to call us or use our contact page to inquire about additional inventory that may not be visible on our website. We love hearing from our customers!


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