Wood Briquettes

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Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of wood briquettes:
Calorific value: ~ 18 MJ/kg
Humidity: < 10 %
Density: 1100 kg/m3
1 RUF briquette size: 15x9x6 cm
Transparent no name bags.
Standard packaging – 10 kg bags (12 briquettes).
1 pallet – 96 bags (960 kg).
Bags with Buyer’s inlays can be ordered.
Minimum order– 18 tons (1 truckload).
Production capacity – 18 000 tons per month

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Wood Briquettes

Wood Briquettes and Heat Logs are interchangeable terms. They both describe a product made from wood by-products. This might be sawdust, wood chip, or wood flour, using extreme pressure to form a block or log shape.

Different briquettes have different burning characteristics, making some more suitable for specific stages in your fire’s life.

Some are great for lighting the fire; others are ideal for a nice hot flame during the day, while some are designed for slow overnight burning.

Every stove is different, depending on air flow, flue set up, and especially weather conditions. One thing we’ve learned is that there’s no such thing as one ‘best’ briquette for everyone. The best option is to try a few and see what suits you. Our Sample Packs and Ready Mixed Pallets are ideal for this.

It depends on the final product specification but it’s at the bagging stage that organic solvent may be added (using an atomizer) just before bagging and this produces instant light briquettes. Usually these are put into smaller paper bags so that the barbecue enthusiast can simply pick up an individually wrapped pack and light the paper without having to remove the briquettes from the bag.

Because of the use of fossil fuels in the manufacture of briquettes and the various heat drying processes involved it’s arguable that lump wood charcoal is more environmentally friendly however two points have to be borne in mind.


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